An Echo Pilot forward looking sonar is unlike conventional depth finders, fish finders and sounders in that it acts like an underwater radar system enabling you to see submerged obstructions in front of your boat before you hit them. EchoPilot's patented technology creates a real-time image of the seabed and potential hazards lying below the surface ahead of your boat. Other technologies such as phased array forward looking sonar and conventional depth finders produce images of underwater objects that are many seconds old, meaning you may have already driven over or hit them by the time they are displayed. While an EchoPilot sonar does not show fish like a fishfinder, it will show bottom features and submerged objects where fish commonly reside. By pivoting your boat in a circle, your EchoPilot can quickly scan an area greater than the size of a football field in all directions around your location; enabling you to find submerged features attractive to fish. Scanning an area this large with a conventional fish finder would take a lot of time and be very difficult to do, so in this way an EchoPilot can help find fish you may otherwise miss. All display units include flush mounting kit and cables; and all Transducers ordered as an option with a Forward Looking Sonar unit will include through hull skin fittings.

EchoPilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar
EchoPilot 2D Forward Looking Sonar
EchoPilot 2D  with Repeater Output
EchoPilot 2D Repeater
EchoPilot FLS Platinum Engine
Echopilot FLS Bronze Forward Looking Sonar
EchoPilot Professional Transducer for Gold/Silver/Bronze
EchoPilot Standard Tranducer for Gold/Silver/Bronze
EchoPilot Professional Transducer for 2D
EchoPilot Standard Tranducer for 2D
EchoPilot Platinum Transducer
FLS II Professional Transducer with 8 pin mini D connector
Through Hull Fitting for Professional Transducer
Standard Through Hull Fitting
Fairing Block for Profession Through Hull Fitting
EchoPilot FLS Platinum Video Interface only
EchoPilot Bronze Trio with Tranducers Kit
EchoPilot Bronze Log with Log Transducer Kit
EchoPilot Bronze+Depth with Tranducer Kit
EchoPilot Speed Kit
EchoPilot Log Transducer
EchoPilot Depth Transducer
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